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When you work with us, we take care of your planting and landscaping needs. We meet with you and aid in selecting the best plants to fit your needs and style. You have the option to buy your plants or we can purchase them for you – then we handle the rest. A member of our management team will be at your property during phases of a project. You Buy We Plant provides design experience, extensive plant knowledge, quality workmanship and dependability.

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A call to 610-500-1210 will get a conversation started or complete our online form. We can also be reached at or via a text to 610-500-1210.

Yes, we offer a free up to one-hour consultation at your home within a 15-mile radius of Newtown Square, PA. Should your home be beyond the 15-mile radius of Newtown Square, an appointment may be scheduled for a small travel fee.

Yes. Pricing varies based on the particular client’s needs. For accurate pricing and specifics please contact us.

At YBWP, we offer conceptual garden designs. We will discuss ideas for your property rather than providing drawn-out designs. Owner, John Allen, brings his creativity and 40+ years of landscape and horticulture experience to create beautiful garden designs for your landscape. Contact us for a consultation.

During a consultation, we combine your ideas with our horticultural recommendations and provide you with plant choices.

Yes, click here to view our range of garden and landscape services.

Yes. A member of our management team will be at your property during phases of a project.

Select the area for the new landscape and take into consideration which plants are appropriate for the area, based on light and the condition of the soil. In arranging your plants in the landscape, read the plant tags for information about the mature height and width. This is important so your plants are not crowded out in the future.

There are many landscaping services that can be offered, depending on your specific needs. Reach out to a professional landscaper in your area to discuss your thoughts on your landscape. They can formulate a landscape plan for your review.

Landscapers provide many services, including planting, garden cleanups, fall leaf cleanups, hardscaping, the pruning of trees and shrubs, perennial garden routine maintenance, container plantings and maintenance.

While fall cleanup may seem like an aesthetic endeavor, it is essential for the ongoing health of your lawn. If you do not remove leaves and other debris from your property before the snow falls, they can choke out the grass by reducing proper water penetration. Leaves harbor mold and fungus and can encourage pests to infiltrate your yard. These issues have the potential to kill your grass or, at the very least, impact its health in the following season.

When it comes to cleaning up your yard and gardens, it is better to hire a professional landscaper who has the proper equipment to perform the work. Professional landscapers take pride in the work they do, treating your property as if it were their own and taking care not to cause any damage to your property.

In most cases, mulch is the better alternative for weed control and maintaining moisture in the soil during the summer months. Different types of rocks and stones are preferable if the area you are planning to mulch is affected by constant erosion during heavy rain.

Firstly, the products used to mulch your beds are aesthetically pleasing. They also deter weeds from germinating and retain sufficient moisture in the ground for your plants.

You Buy We Plant LLC is proud to provide free initial estimates for landscaping services. No fee, no contract, no strings attached: it is your opportunity to get an honest quote from an experienced professional so that you can make an informed decision regarding your investment.

Getting an estimate is simple. All you need to do is contact us. From there, we will ask you for a few details about the services you need. After that, we will provide you with a comprehensive assessment of the costs for the job, including expenses for labor, time, and materials.

You Buy We Plant LLC offers scheduled landscape maintenance across our local area. You can contact us, request our maintenance services, and we will develop a thorough action plan to care for your landscape. Tell us how frequently you would like the visits, and we will develop a schedule tailored to your preferences.

Absolutely. At You Buy We Plant, LLC, we use a consultative process to get to know our clients, gather their ideas, and realize their vision for their space. We welcome all feedback and adjust our design until every detail is to your liking.

You Buy We Plant, LLC, is a fully insured landscaping company.

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From landscape design and installation to landscape maintenance, our experienced landscapers are here to help.

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