Planning Your Fall Garden

Now is the perfect time to start planning out your fall gardens and for getting your bulbs in the ground. Whether you’re planting your vegetable garden or your garden beds, planting them before the frost comes is best so that the plants can become established and well rooted.


Perennials offer a wide range of variety and colors to your garden beds. They are the perfect fall bloomers and are best planted in August and September

Here are some of our favorite perennials.



Spring Blooming bulbs must be planted at the end of September in order to ensure they will be blooming in spring, they need to be in the ground through the winter chills in order to mature properly.
You can purchase bulbs at  your local nursery or even online, like one of our personal favorites; Brecks.Below are some ideas to help you while planning your fall gardens.




If you live locally you can see a lot of these beautiful spring blooming bulbs at one our personal favorite gardens to visit, Chanticleer in Wayne, PA.

Fall is also the time to mulch the gardens to prevent your plants from freezing before winter even hits. For different mulching options refer to our past blog; Best Mulch Tips.

Visit @youbuyweplant on Instagram to see more of our clients’ spring blooming bulbs planted by us!

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