Gardening in Summer

Summer is hard on plants and it’s important that with the heat and the humidity that we up keep our gardens the best we can. Being that your plants will likely dry out from the heat of summer you should make sure your getting your plants the hydration that they need. There are many different options when it comes to watering your garden these days, but the most common is to set up an irrigation system that runs through your gardens, if you can connect a timer to help you. That way you don’t have to worry about going out and watering the garden or setting up the hose for the system to work. 

Aside from watering the garden, you need to maintain the weeds that will be growing rapidly this time of year. Weeding can be a straining task without the correct tools, so make sure you have gloves and a waste bag to put the weeds into. You also can look into using a loop hoe. It is a really nifty tool that you can use to pull the weeds for you without having to kneel on the ground and strain your back. You can simply place the loop hoe on the ground and pull it towards you and it rips the weeds out from the root! We have done a tutorial on how the loop hoe works and have shown you how to properly use it! Click here to see our tutorial on You tube.Another important duty that should be done throughout the summer months is called, “dead heading”. You want to remove any of the dead blooms from annuals & Perennials. This process prevents plants from producing seeds and rather puts their energy into the blooming process. While you are deadheading, you will also want to check your plants and flowers for insect damage or diseases.

If your plants are damaged by insects or diseases you will want to use the list that is included on Better Home and Gardens; Which includes, black spots, grasshoppers, powdery mildew, and rust. You can help to avoid damage to your plants while watering your plants and making sure you are only wetting the ground, not so much the leaves and flowers themselves.

While spring and summer are the best times to be enjoying the visual beauty of your garden, in order to keep it looking gorgeous you have to put in the work to be sure that your plants are getting what they need.

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