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Planning Your Fall Garden

Now is the perfect time to start planning out your fall gardens and for getting your bulbs in the ground. Whether you're planting your vegetable garden or your garden beds, planting them before the frost comes is best so that the plants can become established and well rooted.
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Gardening in Summer

Summer is hard on plants and it’s important that with the heat and the humidity that we up keep our gardens the best we can. Being that your plants will likely dry out from the heat of summer you should make sure your getting your plants the hydration that they need. There are many different options when it comes to watering your garden these days, but the most common is to set up an irrigation system that runs through your gardens.
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Plant Spring Color in Your Garden Now

April showers bring May flowers but first, the seeds must be planted! Now is the best time to plant those colorful flowers in your garden so you can enjoy them all Spring long. Did you know that April is National Lawn Care Month? It is just a few short days away!
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Best Mulch Tips & Tricks for Your Garden

Mulch is vital for creating a garden that looks presentable. The benefits of applying mulch to your garden are that it reduces evaporation, stops weeds from germinating (which any gardener knows is a major perk!) and gives your garden that attractive, finished look.
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The Best Ornamental & Fruit Tree Pruning Tips

Both fruit trees and ornamental trees can require pruning and, as with anything in your garden or landscape, you want to do it correctly to ensure proper growth. Just because we are in the height of winter and the ground may be covered in snow, does not mean that all garden activities stop.
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Top 5 Gardening Must-Haves

There’s nothing more exciting than getting into the garden and smelling that fresh air! One thing that can stop you is unnecessary trips to the nursery or garden store. It is important to save yourself a trip so you can enjoy your day off. Before you grab your keys, it is important to check your accessories for any wear and tear from the prior season will help to avoid the stress of an unnecessary trip.
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Gardening in the Winter: Don’t Allow the Cold to Stop You from Gardening

The winter months can feel bleak as we long for the sunny days of summer and beautiful days of spring. However, just because you won’t be outside sweating in the garden and listening to the birds chirp doesn’t mean you can’t work on your garden while it snows!
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